Under the Termination of Pregnancy Act abortion is non-punishable in The Netherlands, provided that specific conditions are met and restrictions observed. It thereby creates a degree of leeway for help to women in an emergency situation as a result of an unwanted pregnancy, with due regard for the protection of unborn human life.
Evaluation Termination of Pregnancy Act
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Standpunt Staatssecretaris
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About the society
The Dutch Association of Abortion Specialists was established in 1991, to provide a single platform to coordinate and represent the interests of its members. Its focus is both on employment conditions and issues of quality control.

In the framework of quality control, many protocols and quality requirements have been agreed over the past few years.
The professional training in our field was standardized and developed into specialist courses. Requirements for extra and refresher training were also standardized.

Consultation on a regular basis takes place between our Society, health oriented institutions (such as the Ministry of Public Health and its Inspectorate) and other medical professions (e.g. gynaecologists and anaesthesiologists), to adjust and improve the quality of our work, wherever necessary.

The Society has recently joined an initiative on the part of the National League of Physicians under Contract of Employment, to work towards the official recognition of specialized professionals in the field of medicine.